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About Aqualander

The AQUALANDER project,
The Aqualander project stems from the desire to explore the sea coasts in the most simple and natural way. The sea coasts
can be explored by walking or swimming. But sometimes you will have to walk over shallow rocks or even climb, dive or jump in the water. Because of the shoes available until now, are a drag while swimming and nullify the thrust of the foot, there was a need for a shoe that in addition to protecting during the walk, would not create drag but help the swimming. The Aqualander shoe models are equipped with a hydrodynamic projection that reduces resistance to forward motion while swimming, provides a small increase of the thrust compared to the barefoot and does not hamper when walking because it's reduced length does not interfere with the ground. These sea shoes also meet the different needs of bather and water sports enthusiasts. In fact, they protect the feet from rough grounds and on pebble beaches, protect from marine organisms in the shallow waters and at the same time improve the grip of the feet over a rock or a surfboard. As opposed to normal beach shoes, the Aqualanders will increase the performance, durability and ease of your swimming, help also the less experienced and resistant swimmers and will make you feel a better swimmer. As opposed to fins The Aqualanders will let you retain the feeling of natural swimming. Coasteering with Aqualander shoes means bring with you the minimum: a snorkeling equipment, and depending on the climate, environment and the duration of the trip, wetsuit, protective helmet, drinking water, energy bars or other equipment in a floating bag or under the wetsuit.
Aqualander, the ultimate hydrodynamics swim shoe design
  • Aqualander ZEN
    Sea shoes in a single mold of synthetic rubber, hydrodynamic projection. Suitable for easy paths, sandy and pebble beaches, rocky bottoms, surfing, board and boat shoe. Good glide in the water and excellent boost performance breaststroke, good in other styles. Excellent protection and grip.
  • Aqualander FIT
    Sea shoes with a thick rubber sole, fabric upper, hydrodynamic projection. Suitable for long and rugged walking path, Designed for coasteering, sharp rocks, coral reefs. Excellent glide in the water and excellent boost performance in all styles. Good protection and excellent grip.
Why Swimmers Need Water Shoes and why Aqualander is right for you.
  • Improved Thrust
    How far you are able to swim and how fast you swim are both related to thrust. Aqualander water shoes increase your thrust as compared to bare feet. While they might not increase your thrust as much a swim fin, other water shoes create a drag and actually decrease your thrust. Aqualander keeps the feeling of natural swimming with every swimming style.
  • Foot Protection & Support
    If you ever stubbed your toe in flip-flops, or stepped on a rock that was sharper than it looked, you know how easy it can be to hurt your feet on the beach. Closed toe Aqualander can provide great protection from these hazards, much like a regular shoe can. That means when you're swimming, you can enjoy the same protection a shoe offers while in the water.
  • Improved Traction
    Ever slip on a rock that looked dry and easy to walk on? It was probably because you weren't wearing the right shoes! Aqualander water shoes come with rubber soles on the outside that provide extra traction support to ensure you don't slip and fall when walking.
  • No Damage to Good Shoes
    IBy design, water shoes are made to go into the water. Meaning that you can wear them in muddy areas, in a pool or beach, or just out in the rain. Because they drain far better than a regular shoe, they are lighter to wear in water as well. Regular shoes will fill with water and won't drain properly, leading to a "squishy feel when they are out of the water.
  • Better Temperature Regulation
    Cold water can put a real damper on a day at the beach, but water shoes can help with that. Keeping water shoes on your feet can help keep your feet warm and take a bit of the bite out of a cold swim. Similarly, if the beach is too hot, water shoes have great breathability and can help keep feet cool.

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    Account holder (주)지티에스글로벌
    KEB Hanabank_ 322 - 890062 - 59304


    C-508, 744, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu,
    Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
    Korea (13510)

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